How Often Should You Have Your Office Professionally Cleaned?

How Often Should You Have Your Office Professionally Cleaned?

A clean office provides your employees, customers and visitors a healthy working environment. Besides, everyone would love to spend their day in a clean and well-aerated space.

We often have cleaning routines for our offices. That includes mopping the floor and dusting furniture and other fixtures. 

However, this is not always enough.

Hard-to-reach areas in your office accumulate dirt over time and can make it uncomfortable. This is why you need professional cleaning services to ensure your working space is clean and safe.

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Factors That Determine How Often You Should Schedule Your Office Cleaning

Before you decide how often your office should be professionally cleaned, ask yourself the following.

1. Do You Share Your Office Space?

If you share your office space, it is prone to more debris and the spread of dirt. Shared facilities such as washrooms and kitchens are potential spreading points for germs.

To prevent the spread of disease-causing germs and dirt buildup, schedule professional cleaning services daily. 

An unshared office is less exposed to dirt and germs. If you have an unshared space, you can clean it weekly or after two days.

2. What is Your Employee Volume?

The number of employees in your office affects its cleanliness. If your organization has many employees reporting to a common office, it will accumulate dirt fast.

This exposes you and your team to an uncomfortable working space, unpleasant odour and germs. You should therefore schedule frequent commercial cleaning services to keep your working environment healthy.

An office with fewer employees is less exposed to germs and dirt. In this case, you can schedule weekly professional cleaning. 

Professionally cleaning for offices

3. Do You Receive Many Visitors?

How clean your office is at the end of your working day also depends on the number of visitors you receive. Whereas some offices will hardly receive visitors, others are busy throughout.

For example, consultancy firms, medical clinics and government offices receive many visitors. They are therefore prone to dirt and require daily cleaning.

A company offering services remotely, on the other hand, is less exposed to dirt and can engage in professional cleaning services occasionally.

4. Office Features

Different offices have varying features and fixtures depending on the products and services they offer. These features can influence how frequently you need to clean your office.

For example, a dentist’s office that contains a bed, mirror, sink and medical appliances is exposed to dirt and germs while handling patients and therefore requires thorough daily cleaning.

Moreover, some features in your office, such as closets, furniture, and ceilings, require occasional specialized cleaning. 

Professional Office Cleaning Frequencies

You can have professionals clean your office daily, weekly or occasionally. In addition to the factors above, the nature of your business also determines how frequently you schedule professional cleaning services for your office.

The following table summarizes professional office cleaning frequencies and where you can apply them.


Cleaning Frequency Level of Cleaning Areas Applicable
  • Daily cleaning is shallow and involves clearing visible dirt and litter. 
  • You can do this by wiping and dusting, sweeping, cleaning washrooms, vacuum cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.
  • Floors
  • Tables
  • Trash cans
  • Washrooms
  • Reception area
  • Weekly cleaning is thorough and involves scrubbing floors, walls and pantries. 
  • You can also vacuum clean seats and dust windows.
  • Hallways 
  • staircases 
  • kitchen
  • washrooms
  • doors and windows
  • Monthly cleaning is deep and involves removing accumulated dirt and debris in hard-to-reach areas, waxing floors, stain removal on walls and office fixtures
  • Reception area
  • Conference rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Occasional deep cleaning involves removing dirt from hard-to-reach areas such as vents, ledges, and the top of machines. 
  • You can scrub, or use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Vents
  • High areas on walls
  • Furniture
  • Carpets


Get Professional Office Cleaning Services in Vancouver

You should keep your office clean to provide your employees with a friendly working environment. Professionally cleaned spaces also safeguard their health and safety.

At Peak Janitorial, we offer commercial and residential janitorial services in Vancouver and its environs. Our cleaning experts will assess your office and advise you on the appropriate cleaning schedule at reasonable rates.

Our goal is to keep your workplace clean and tidy to enhance the seamless execution of your business.

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