How Often Should an Office Be Professionally Cleaned?

How Often Should an Office Be Professionally Cleaned?


According to research, work clutter leads to stress that causes workers to postpone finishing tasks until later on 

So, if you are struggling with low productivity, chances are your business premise is full of clutter and dirt. Therefore you should ensure your workers are working in clean workspaces.

However, this does not entail having professionals clean the floors, desks, chairs, walls, windows or doors every other minute.

So, when is too much or too little?

To help you make a decision, you need to consider the following factors when creating a cleaning schedule to maintain a healthy and productive work environment.


Size of your Office

If your office is large, it will need more frequent professional cleaning as your employees may not be able to clean it well. This is because there are a lot of surfaces to cover, including floors and walls. 

But if your office is smaller, a weekly professional clean-up may be enough as there is not much dirt occupying the surfaces.


Type of Work You Do

The nature of your business determines the cleaning frequency.

For instance, a hospital requires daily professional cleaning to prevent the spread of bacteria and pathogens. Also, a food-related business requires daily cleaning to ensure a hygienic environment.

So, you should keep in mind the type of product and service your business handles daily. Then create a cleaning schedule with these in mind to maintain a hygienic office.

Also, here are our recommendations for cleaning frequency for different areas of the office.


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1. High-Traffic Areas

In most premises, the high-traffic areas are restrooms, breakrooms, and conferences. 

Since these areas collect dirt, bacteria and grime often, you should at least clean them daily or five times a week. 


2. Desks, Chairs, and Other Office Equipment

These areas need a daily wipe down on working days as they can harbour germs and bacteria that could lead to infections or allergies.


3. Floors, Carpets & Rugs

You should vacuum these areas daily or several times a week, depending on your foot traffic, to get rid of dust, debris and dust.


4. Windows, Curtains Or Blinds

These are the most forgotten areas that most cleaners assume, and they end up making your office look dingy and unprofessional.

To keep them looking meat and presentable, you should clean these areas on a monthly basis. 

You should also try to change the curtains and blinds at least every one or two years. This improves your office appearance while letting natural light in.

According to research done by Harvard Business Review, natural light in an office can boost employees’ productivity and mood.


Level of Foot Traffic

Another thing to consider is the foot traffic in your office as it is not dependent on the size of your office.

But, it depends on the budget available and the use of space. 

For instance, a smaller office involved in production may have more foot traffic.

Still, there are special circumstances that may require daily cleaning. These include:

  • During the cold or flu seasons
  • In case of an illness outbreak in your office 
  • In case you are holding meetings or conferences in your office

So, whatever the size of your office space, the table below summarizes our recommended cleaning frequency by the level of foot traffic.


Level of Foot Traffic Recommended Cleaning Frequency
Low  1-2 times per week
Moderate 2-3 times per week
High  Daily


Working with a Professional Cleaning Service

Keeping your working spaces clean and tidy is not easy, no matter the size, level of foot traffic or type of work done in the office.

With everyday duties and tight schedules, you may lack time to clean your office thoroughly. You may also find it difficult to insist that some employees maintain clean working areas; after all, not everyone knows how to tidy up.

So how do you maintain a clean office to improve productivity and thus increase your ROI (Return On Investment)?

You hire professional cleaning services like ours, where your work will only be writing cheques to pay us for the services rendered while we do the rest.

But it’s not only clean walls, floors, windows, doors, other surfaces or every nook and cranny in your office that we ensure is clean. Our thorough cleaning also improves the air quality by removing dust, dirt and other allergens to create a healthier and more productive work environment.

And since your office space deserves the best, book an appointment today so we can review all your office details and develop a cleaning strategy that works.