Building Maintenance Matters: The Surprising Impact on Property Value

Building maintenance and cleaning are vital aspects of property management that often go unnoticed by a building’s occupants—that is until they cease to be done. 


People expect clean and comfortable living and working environments. From vacuuming to window washing, janitorial services are crucial in maintaining a property’s value.


As a property manager or landlord in the Greater Vancouver area, it’s nice to know you have a third-party cleaning service you can trust for all the necessary upkeep. And that is why Peak Janitorial is currently offering a special deal on hiring our staff! 


Regular Building Maintenance Is Fiscally Wise

Building maintenance plays a crucial role in maintaining a property’s integrity and value. By keeping all assets looking their best and staying on top of any needed repairs, janitorial property maintenance ensures the long-term safety, comfort, and functionality of the space.


The Financial Power of Curb Appeal

Buildings that appear well-maintained are infinitely more attractive to potential buyers or renters. When a property demonstrates good maintenance and upkeep, it shows. 


Clean-looking properties often command higher prices and rental fees when compared to ‘run-down’ or ‘grubby-looking’ spaces. Buildings that show visible signs of neglect tend to raise concerns about potential hidden issues and the trustworthiness of those overseeing their care. 


Proactive budgeting for janitorial service in condos isn’t just reflected in the visible condition of the property; it’s also reflected in the strata paperwork, which many homebuyers review. 


It doesn’t take long for any new building to start showing signs of wear and tear once you have occupants inside. 


Regular Upkeep Prevents Costly Future Repairs

You should consider proactive janitorial services as preventative maintenance.


Your role in overseeing the protection of a building is dependent on its preservation from the inside out. Regularly scheduled cleaning services are your first line of defence against noticeable deterioration. A good cleaning crew will serve as your eyes. They will be on the lookout for anything that seems amiss, including potential property damage that could quickly deteriorate if ignored.


For example, a damaged window pane with a single fissure in the glass is cheaper to repair than a completely smashed window pane that gave way after months of neglect.

Staying on top of the little things minimizes the likelihood of unanticipated, expensive repair costs down the line. 


Proper budgeting for a building’s necessary upkeep is all about preparation. Regularly scheduled cleaning is, therefore, an essential cost-saving expenditure.


Safe Conditions Prevent Lawsuits

Unsightly property can lead to all sorts of unwanted legal woes. Legal trouble is typically a heavy drain on people’s resources.


By hiring a professional cleaning service that handles exterior work such as power washing and snow shovelling, you’ll be doing your due diligence to ensure that shared pathways are clean and free of possible slipping or tripping hazards. 


Proper upkeep ensures you’re in full compliance with all local regulations. 


A litigious tenet or a member of the general public looking for an easy payout is the last thing you need. 


Everybody Appreciates Cleanliness

The value of janitorial upkeep on any commercial or residential property cannot be overstated. Regular maintenance enhances buyer perception, directly impacting appraisals and market value. 


While maintenance may remain “out of sight, out of mind” for tenants until an issue arises, effective building maintenance is essential for sustaining positive relationships. Maintenance teams influence buyer and renter perceptions, property appraisals, and market value by keeping the building in good condition. 


Act Now and Save on Building Maintenance!

Peak Janitorial, based out of Coquitlam, British Columbia, has been protecting the interests of commercial and residential property owners across Greater Vancouver since 2008. 


Our professional cleaning services can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of landlords, property managers, and business operators. 


We’re currently offering a special rate of $26.75 per cleaner for janitorial services and building maintenance in condos and commercial developments. If you’re unsure how many cleaners you need or are unsatisfied with your service provider, we’d love to speak with you. 

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