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Welcome to Peak Janitorial, we are convinced that we will satisfy all your cleaning needs and worries, we offer you a big selection of services, using eco-friendly products used by professionals.

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Our customers reviews

“Excellent service, Corina showed up right at time of appointment she got out stains I thought were going to be there forever. Highly recommend this company. ”

Girselda O. 02/05/2017

“The technician Karina was pleasant to work with. She was sincere and dedicated to her work. Excellent work. ”

Ken R. 01/22/2017

“They did a great job, arrived on time. But they did leave my gate open on leaving which was a bite of a problem since I have dog. ”

Nizar D. 12/02/2017

“The technician was very courteous and I believe he did a good job. The carpets always look clean when they are wet. Of course, they always sell you more as the groupon does not cover this and that. I guess this is to be expected. ”

Deborah. 18/03/2017

“Technician was friendly & courteous. Would’ve liked if he took a bit more time on noticeable stains & a lot less drying time. A couple of the stairs are worse, guess he drew more dirt out or pressed too hard with the machine. ”

Ivona. 20/04/2017

“Very friendly and professional team. He did a nice job with our carpet. One thing to account for is that the living room and dining room counts as two rooms even if they are open concept large room. This is something I did not account for and paid extra for the extra room. But nice job overall.”

Igor. 23/02/2017

“Don’t expect a $800 job for this price, they don’t have the powerful suction machine like those super expensive companies. But he was very thorough and did his best to get the stains out. Overall the carpets look great! We are very happy with the job and will be using this company in the future.”

PETER M. 01/12/2016